Why use team management coaching?

Managers often wonder what they can do to improve relationships in their teams. How can they promote alignment and projection? How can they limit the risk of malfunction? How can they develop collective intelligence?

Team coaching is a form of support that enables teams to achieve greater cohesion, performance and results by challenging their usual operating methods.

Team coaching: PerformanSe, a powerful and innovative method

The PerformanSe method is an avenue for developing soft skills that enables a team to interact effectively and step up its cohesion. Based on extensive scientific studies, our method makes team members aware of all the factors holding back collective efficiency, and fosters the development of the most appropriate soft skills in each of them.

The team training sessions also help towards greater understanding of interactions and their impact on collective work.

Our team of consultants

Meet our team of human resources management consultants and experts. As coaches and social and work psychologists, they will be able to support you with all your issues.

Samuel Héron

Consulting & Training Director

Support and Optimize Talent Development

Léa Hoffman-Hervé

HR Project Manager

Bring individuals to be aware of their assets & limits with benevolence and objectivity

Virginie Petit

HR Project Manager

Contribute to the development of everyone to improve individual and collective performance

Elaine Leen

HR Project Manager

Ensure that the support takes place in the best conditions for the assessed

Stéphane Baggio

HR Project Manager

Behavioral and cognitive assessment at the service of Placement and Outplacement

Géraldine Gallaga

HR Project Manager

Support the development of your human resources

Jean-Roch Schmitt

HR Project Manager

Behavioral sciences and psychometrics for training, assessment and coaching

Aurore Vaissier

Chargée des parcours de formation

Support the appropriation of PerformanSe solutions

Lise Wallace-Rabilloud

HR Project Manager

The coaching approach serving the identification and development of soft skills