How companies can develop their talent effectively

Whether approached from an elitist perspective (developing high potentials) or in a more global manner (developing all talents), talent management is often associated with training. However, training alone is not enough for development.

To be truly suited to its purpose and yield results, talent management must be part of a comprehensive approach based on better knowledge of the individual. This philosophy, underpinned by tools such as 360° feedback, personality tests and development centres, allows you to engage, motivate and above all align your talents with your company’s culture.

Building your people’s knowledge of themselves and others will enable them to develop their capabilities and achieve their full potential. More confident, more fulfilled and more efficient, they will lastly be able to contribute fully to your company’s performance.

Why opt to develop all the company's talents?

54% of companies reserve talent management for “high potentials” alone. Yet talent is not the preserve of only highly qualified and experienced HIPOs!

Beyond their technical legitimacy, talents are above all employees who contribute to the overall performance of their company through their personal accomplishments. These are contextual, and stem from a multitude of factors: interactions with their environment, understanding of political codes, etc. The value of their contributions depends on the positive interactions they will experience and create, which will encourage collaboration, collective intelligence and initiative-taking.

Talents express themselves above all through their ability to inspire, drive and stimulate all contributions in pursuit of a common goal.

91% of managers believe that soft skills contribute to the competitiveness of their organisation: what if you helped those in your company to fully develop their cross-cutting skills?

The benefits of PerformanSe’s tools and services

Engage your talent effectively
Build your organisation’s leadership
Customise your training pathways
Base your developments on soft skills assessment

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