Why short-list candidates?

What if it were possible to avoid deceptive recruitment clues, optimise the potential of your talent and meet candidates whose values are a good fit for your company’s culture? With PerformanSe short-listing tools, you will easily identify the talent that is the best fit for your expectations and context.

PerformanSe short-listing tests, a valuable decision-making assistance tool

Our soft skills assessments, based on personality tests combined with cognitive assessments, result in nuanced descriptions of your candidates’ behavioural profiles. You come away with reliable and objective data to streamline your talent acquisition process.

The benefits of PerformanSe’s tools and services

Reduce turnover by identifying risks before hiring
Identify the best talent
Explore strengths and risks when it comes to performance
Base your recruitment on an assessment of your candidates’ soft skills and values

They Trust Us

For more than 30 years now, we have been at our customers’ side in their recruit pre-screening processes.

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