Recruitment, of crucial importance to every company

Did you know that one in three recruitments ends in failure within the first year? And that 36% of failures are due to a mismatch between the candidate's soft skills and the position?

Because recruitment is strategic to organisations, candidate short-listing and the subsequent recruitment process (selection and onboarding) are crucial HR responsibilities.

How can you identify the soft skills your candidates will need to succeed? Should you give soft skills primacy over hard skills? How can you make reliable and objective decisions?

Recruitment tests, a powerful decision-making assistance tool

By implementing decision-making tools such as recruitment tests and soft skills assessments, you make your selection criteria more reliable and improve your selection processes.

At PerformanSe, we identify and measure your candidate’s specific qualities, based on your employment criteria and your context. Our 30 years of research at the highest level in this field are guarantee you the most effective tools, from pre-configured to custom-tailored tests.

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The recruitment market in a few figures


of permanent contracts are terminated in the first year | Bring greater objectivity to your decisions to cut back on error.


of recruitments fail due for lack of the right soft skills | Identify your candidates’ motivations and personality.


of the jobs on the market in 2030 do not yet exist | Go beyond hard skills and recruit potential for the future.

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Our recruitment tests act on the two main levers of your talent acquisition: short-listing and selection.


Pre-screen your candidates quickly and efficiently!


Secure and ensure the reliability
of your recruitment choices!

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