More than just a personality test...

This personality test not only about personality... It is a test that brings together aspects of preferences, beliefs about
and predictive aspects relating to career projection, and can be used to support and advise your employees,
present (for internal mobility, career review assessment or retraining) and future (job seekers, even students).

The benefits of Evolution

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Foster professional development and success
Engage/Involve your employees
Optimise your employees’ performance
Support your talents & project their professional futures

With our professional projection
questionnaire Evolution

A ground-breaking model for career management!

Analyse your employees on two aspects: their professional resources and their job profile.

Their professional resources, enabling them to be more effective and gain greater satisfaction from certain activities or professions, such as their motivational and interpersonal resources, their relationship, etc.

The job profiles, for which their resources are particularly well-suited and where the outlook for success is the brightest: type of organisation, preferred functions and professions, etc.

Receive matches for the individual with their preferred work environments

Individual/work environment matching is the result of an innovative research method, based on field data analyses, on 2 levels:

Descriptive level: A data search carried out on more than 29,000 individuals to identify behaviours representative of each of the functions and areas of activity.

Predictive level: A longitudinal study carried out on 1,490 individuals, tested twice a year since 2006, to identify successful profiles by type of company and type of role.

Offer your talents custom-tailored career management!

Enjoy an interactive and modulable report!

Interactivity to engage and involve the beneficiaries in their results. Modularity to enable you to customise your reports according to your context.

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