Professional mobility and employability as drivers of engagement

Commitment and performance in exchange for employability and satisfaction: these are the new terms of the employer/employee relationship. A shift that implies new rules for interacting.

More than ever, it is essential to share ideas, intentions and representations, so that we can project ourselves into the future together. What is at stake in the 21st century is the ability of an individual and his or her company to create the conditions conducive to commitment and contribution: producing new ideas, adapting to critical situations and transformations, exceeding expectations by pushing back the limits of his or her powers, stimulating critical thinking to create new value in complex and unstable markets, etc.

How can you improve employee employability?

Success comes when an organisation is able to improve employees’ confidence in themselves and their skills, put in realistic perspective. The aim is to encourage them to take the initiative, and equip them to adapt successfully through the transformation phases. Concretely, this means recreating or strengthening the trust relationship with your employees to make informed and fair decisions, and project with them positively towards the future.

Trust is not decreed, it is built: it is nourished by the mutual knowledge and understanding of the employer and employee with regard to their respective expectations. Taking the time to properly identify expectations and find out about your employee, using objective mediation tools (test), will help clearly delineate the individual’s employability.

The benefits of PerformanSe’s tools and services

Building employee loyalty and engagement
Improved quality of living at work and motivation
Development for the employer brand
Better employer/employee knowledge

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