What are the fundamentals underpinning collective performance?

Judging the effectiveness and collective intelligence of a team means above all taking a level-headed and critical look at the way it runs. The aim will be to analyse the process that leads to the result.

A company’s collective performance rests on the involvement, participation, consistency, empowerment and motivation of all its employees.

How can companies promote collective and individual performance?

By taking apart the factors contributing to collective performance, the team is able to identify the critical behaviours that congest the interdependencies and prevent the various missions and activities from being carried out effectively.

The idea for the team is to seek, supported by a discussion and mediation tool, a more accurate understanding of the individual components that contribute to collective performance.

This structure-building approach makes it possible to question the fundamentals of cohesion – “being together”, “doing together”, “going far together” – and to project positively on the principles of efficiency: sharing, deciding and coordinating.

The benefits of collective assessment by PerformanSe

Identifying team resources.
Understanding how the team interacts
Improving collective efficiency.
Implementing collectively

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