Build collective efficiency & manage collective performance!

The result of 3 years of doctoral research on collective performance, in close partnership
with the Motor Skills, Interactions and Performance Laboratory of the University of Nantes.
And based on the behavioural assessment of a team’s members, TEAM BOOSTER
provides a rich and pinpointed review of the team’s collective operation: its strong points
and areas for development, tendencies towards cohesion and/or conflict, and
concrete avenues for work to improve its collective efficiency.

Team Booster’s benefits

Find out what you can gain from adopting a tool like TeamBooster

Understanding and improving how a team works
Solving cohesion problems in your teams
Improving your efficiency and collective performance.
Fostering engagement in the team’s development process

Improve your team’s efficiency and performance!

A unique collective performance model!

Analyse the team’s level of comfort on 8 drivers of collective performance:

  • Agility
  • Decision-making
  • Team management
  • Communication
  • Coordination
  • Interpersonal relations
  • Knowledge-sharing
  • Performance monitoring & feedback

Putting risks of cohesion and/or conflict into perspective

Analyse tendencies towards team cohesion or conflict in 3 areas:

  • the atmosphere (being together)
  • the activity (doing together)
  • strategy (going far together)

A unique experience with shared benefits

Bring to light the team’s behavioural trends and those of the manager to identify angles for work and improve collective efficiency

For the employee:

  • A better understanding of how one’s team works
  • Involvement in building the collective development plan

For the Manager:

  • Identification of levers for team development
  • Implementation of effective management adapted to the team

For the company:

  • Improved team efficiency and performance
  • Optimised development and training mechanisms

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Integrate the TEAM BOOSTER certification pathway, remotely or in a face-to-face session, at your company or on our premises. Experienced trainers and dedicated tutoring are provided so that you can make this psychometric tool your own and integrate it effectively into your feedback processes.

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