Why should companies develop collective intelligence in companies?

All managers come to question the effectiveness of their practices: do they truly enable them to best develop their team’s ability to cope with complex situations? Deliver the results expected? Fulfil their duties to the best of their ability? Sustain the quality of deliverables over time? Adapt in an increasingly unstable and uncertain environment?

Accordingly, they question the actions to be implemented to engage their teams, step up their employees’ level of satisfaction and motivation, in order to limit the risks of dysfunction.

More simply, they work day in and day out to stimulate performance by finding the levers that are right for their teams.

How can companies foster collective intelligence and efficiency?

Efficiency and collective intelligence are above all a matter of interactions between individuals. They are mainly based on the team's ability to duly exchange, share, project and commit, and coordinate to carry out activities jointly.

Teams perform best when they cooperate to control certain limiting factors in the management of critical situations. What is at stake is its ability to share its representations, its understanding of the situation and its analyses.

Being able to collectively make appropriate decisions and work together more effectively requires a collective awareness of the team’s strengths, functioning, limits and identity.

Collective intelligence in a few figures


of obstacles to the emergence of collective intelligence are due to the behaviour of managers.


of employees think that collaboration is above all a state of mind!


of employees express the desire and need to collaborate.

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