How about you? What kind of potential do you have?

With a cognitive-behavioural approach as its foundation, TwoB-R is a powerful support tool
that helps you detect and develop potential. Innovative and unparalleled on the market,
it was created to provide unique insight on dimensions that have become crucial in
today’s corporate world: Influence, Decision-Making, Efficiency and Agility

The benefits of TwoB-R

Find out what you can gain from adopting a tool like TwoB-R

Measuring an employee’s potential
Detecting a candidate’s potential
Understanding individuals’ professional agility
Cutting back error in recruitment or mobility

With TwoB-R, detect and develop potential!

Behavioural and cognitive performance put in perspective.

Empirical research has been conducted with different organisations to identify skills that are particularly critical in assessing potential at work.

Through categorisation work, all the skills have been reduced into 4 measurable dimensions that resonate with the current environment:

  • Influence
  • Decision-making
  • Efficency
  • Agility

For a fine-grained interpretation of the potential available to you, each of these 4 dimensions is assessed first from the behavioural angle, then from the cognitive.

Innovative indicators on your candidates’ potential.

TwoB-R helps interpret the consistency or gap in score between the respective behavioural and cognitive domains, using a typology of potentials:

  • Optimised potential
  • Under-tapped cognitive potential
  • Compensated cognitive potential
  • Potential to be developed

A unique experience for the person assessed!

The report offers practical advice to the person assessed, with a view towards development, when their behaviours are not in line with their cognitive potential.

  • Heightened awareness of their skills and areas for improvement
  • Involvement in personal development
  • Trusting and sharing relationship with the company

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