What is career management?

Talent management is above all a projection of an individual’s
time, based on their current professional skills,
with the needs and context of the organisation.

What are the key issue at stake in career management?

A majority of companies would like to invest in developing their employees’ skills. The latter would also prefer internal development rather than seeking new responsibilities elsewhere.

However, career management remains elitist and is based on rules largely inspired by recruitment. It is a short-term policy that is implemented, at the expense of a vision of the future truly founded on employability, commitment and loyalty.

How can you best steer your talent management?

As part of HR or a manager, you know better than anyone: your employees’ development and professional mobility are crucial towards building loyalty and motivation. In addition, good career management remains one of the best ways to ensure your organisation has the leadership it needs to secure its future.

At PerformanSe, it is our firm belief that career management requires mutual knowledge between the company and its talents. With greater knowledge and understanding of your employees, their motivations, soft skills and cognitive potential, you can direct their career management with greater effectiveness and efficiency.

Career management in a few key figures


of companies invest in developing the talents already in their teams! Why wouldn’t you?


of employees would choose internal mobility over a change of company! Why not offer them that chance?


of managers feel their soft skills go under-used! What if you maximised the value of this untapped wealth?

What are your needs?

Our tools and services focus on the two main segments of career management: employability and talent development.


Do you have needs relating to the mobility and employability of your talents? Find out about our approach to help you bring the right employee, with the right skills, to the right place, at the right time!

Talent Development

Do you want to build the leadership of tomorrow at your organisation? Have your talents’ soft skills analysed to identify hidden potentials and implement them.

Talent management consulting

Do you want to delegate your employees’ career management and enjoy unparalleled expertise in this field? Our 30 years of experience mean you benefit from fit-for-purpose, effective services for career management in companies!

They Trust Us

For more than 30 years, we have been alongside our customers as they manage their talents’ careers, using our psychometric tests and consulting services!

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