What are the issues at stake in recruitment support & the assessment centre?

Because good recruitment cannot happen without a plan, and because any error can put the company at major risk, calling on an expert in soft skills assessment gives you the visibility needed to make your decisions level-headedly, with quiet confidence.

An assessment centre makes it possible to review a candidate’s qualities, skills and motivation for a position of power, based on concrete, targeted tests adapted to the features specific to your environment. It is also designed to estimate the potential of the person in the organisation over the long term.

PerformanSe, the relevance of recruitment consulting for 30 years

When know-how is pushed to the highest level for three decades, it can legitimately be called expertise. With no equivalent on the market, PerformanSe's team stands out for its quality in:

- selection criteria design,

- familiarity with selection mechanisms and processes,

- compliance with ethical principles,

- compliance with the legal framework,

- effectiveness of feedback techniques.  

This experience enables us to make the adjustments called for by your recruitment processes that are necessary and relevant to secure your decision making. Our experts can provide you with concrete support in the key phases and in the deployment of mock on-the-job situations.

Why go with PerformanSe?

To gain agility and efficiency
To secure your decision-making
To optimise your recruitment processes
To innovate in the selection of your talents by including soft skills assessment

Our team of consultants

Meet our team of human resources management consultants and experts. As coaches and social and work psychologists, they will be able to support you with all your issues.

Samuel Héron

Consulting & Training Director

Support and Optimize Talent Development

Léa Hoffman-Hervé

HR Project Manager

Bring individuals to be aware of their assets & limits with benevolence and objectivity

Virginie Petit

HR Project Manager

Revealing the capacity of individuals to reinvent themselves to accompany the transformation of organisations

Elaine Leen

HR Project Manager

Ensure that the support takes place in the best conditions for the assessed

Stéphane Baggio

HR Project Manager

Behavioral and cognitive assessment at the service of Placement and Outplacement

Géraldine Gallaga

HR Project Manager

Support the development of your human resources

Jean-Roch Schmitt

HR Project Manager

Behavioral sciences and psychometrics for training, assessment and coaching

Aurore Vaissier

Training Courses Manager

Support the appropriation of PerformanSe solutions

Lise Wallace-Rabilloud

HR Project Manager

The coaching approach serving the identification and development of soft skills