Reinventing soft skills assessment

Don't evaluate your candidates and employees using standard benchmarks. Create the one that matches your company and recruit and develop unique talent.

Save time by assessing useful soft skills
Create unique skills repositories
Inform your HR decisions with reliable data
Offer a simple and fun evaluation experience

Simplify your assessments by measuring key soft skills

Create a repository unique to your company

With Idoneo, complete the contextual matching questionnaire in 3 minutes and identify the skills that make all the difference:

  • What type of organisation will the candidate be working in?
  • in what type of role?
  • on what types of activity?
  • face-to-face or teleworking?

Our algorithm does the rest and suggests the most relevant soft skills to measure: those that are really useful for the job, in your corporate context!

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Discover your candidates and their prognosis for success

Once the appraisee has completed the self-assessment questionnaire (15 minutes), you will immediately receive his/her IDONEO assessment... simple, accurate and complete!

Find out more about the appraiser in just a few minutes by reading the 3 parts of the review:

  • The appraiser's Soft Skills card
  • Matching with key skills and context
  • Results on the 35 soft skills of the IDEAC® model
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Improve your interviews

The interview guide gives you advice and examples of questions to ask to probe any potential areas of concern.

The clarity of the assessment means that the candidate can easily assimilate the results, express any agreements or surprises, clarify or qualify certain points... for an open and participative feedback interview!

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The 35 most sought-after soft skills in business

Benefit from a reliable and validated scientific model that includes the essential and critical behavioural skills required in an organisational environment: as close as possible to the expectations of the job market and the needs of companies!

Essential soft skills

Thanks to data mining, analysis of our customers' active repositories and focus groups with experts, you can benefit from the most relevant and innovative 35 soft skills model on the market.

The soft skills of the future

An analysis of the scientific literature and forward-looking reports has enabled us to select the soft skills that are useful in meeting the current and future challenges facing organisations.

REAL soft skills

Based on a multi-dimensional measurement and algorithm that takes into account personality factors, motivations, cognitive patterns and the desired psychological contract.

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