R&D as cornerstone

Research & Development forms the cornerstone of PerformanSe. For 30 years, our internal teams have been working with passion to offer you the best psychometric tools so that you can enjoy improved human resources management.

Based on reliable scientific models, such as the Big 5 theory or the theory of motivations when it comes to personality measurements, our R&D Department analyses, identifies and innovates to be at the fore of research on the subject of personality at work and soft skills.

Le Service R&D de PerformanSe


Doctors in SHS (psychology, cognitive sciences , educational sciences)


Industrial and Organizational Psychologist


Scientific partnerships


Scientific studies per year

Our R&D team

When they are not refining the measurements of our tools, or adapting to a customer's personalised request... They are at your disposal to answer your questions about the PerformanSe range of solutions.

Arnaud Trenvouez

R&D Program Manager

Francesca Murdocco

Research Engineer

Kacper Luscinski

Research Engineer

    Our scientific committee

    PerformanSe’s Scientific Committee is composed of University Professors, recognised by the French and international scientific community for their expertise in psychology and evaluation sciences. Their fundamental and applied research in differential psychology, counselling and guidance psychology, social psychology and organisations provides rich insight to advance knowledge and practices in the field of assessment. The committee serves in a consultative capacity on the company’s broad scientific lines.

    Jacques Juhel

    Professor of psychology

    Jean-Luc Bernaud

    Professor of psychology

    Dirk Steiner

    Professor of psychology

    Franck Zenasni

    Professor of psychology

    Our scientific certifications and partnerships

    PerformanSe is currently engaged in scientific research projects in close partnership with excellence laboratories in their respective fields (differential psychology, psychology of guidance, social and organisational psychology, etc.) implemented through CIFRE and collaboration contracts.

    Would you like to find out more about our research and development?

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