A recruitment test to assess your candidates for sales positions!

Perf’Co is a recruitment test to assess your candidates for sales positions
or sales representatives already working for potential development opportunities.
But who should you recruit? A hunter, a grower...? It all depends on your context.
At PerformanSe, we believe that to recruit the “perfect salesperson”, you have to
determine whether the individual has the soft skills that will best adapt to your sales strategy.

The benefits of Perf’Co

Find out what you can gain from adopting a tool like Perf’Co

Gain access to reliable and objective information on sales skills
Set out training plans suited to your employees’ actual needs
Involve sales people in their development.
Optimise your company's sales force

Optimise your sales force!

A unique commercial reference!

Enjoy the benefits of a graphic report to assess the candidate’s comfort over the 3 main stages of the sales relationship:

  • Investigation: Dig deeper into specific customer issues
  • Demonstration: Address customers’ needs and convince them
  • Closing: Pave the way for the effective fulfilment of the customer’s commitment

And the two major styles in the commercial approach:

  • Hunter: Takes risks, aims for efficiency, convinces, resists tensions, etc.
  • Grower: Perseveres, preserves a territory, listens, discusses...

To help you put our commercial reference framework into perspective

A depiction showing the results of the reference population (4,600 salespeople) to establish the assessed within their peer group

The results are presented in a personalised report, with:

  • Graphs that are simple and to-the-point, with qualitative information on the drivers for success and areas for development
  • Indicators that bring to light the assessed person’s preferred style and ability to adapt to the environment
  • A depiction showing the results of the reference commercial population, to establish the assessed within their peer groupLa représentation des résultats de la population de référence (4600 commerciaux) pour situer l’évalué par rapport à ses pairs.

A unique experience with shared benefits

For the employee:

  • Heightened awareness of their skills and areas for improvement
  • Involvement in personal development
  • Trusting and sharing relationship with the company

For the HR professional:

  • Better understanding of their employees’ managerial profile
  • Shared steering of the skills development process
  • Decisions made objective, reliable and traceable

For the company:

  • Managerial support system that is customised and profitable
  • Internal resource optimisation
  • Cutting back error in recruitment or mobility

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User training in our tools is a fundamental part of our ethical and scientific approach

Integrate the PERF CO certification pathway, remotely or in a face-to-face session, at your company or on our premises. Experienced trainers and dedicated tutoring are provided so that you can make this psychometric tool your own and integrate it effectively into your interviewing processes.

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