More than just a personality test...

Extremely rich and nuanced, the findings report describes the behaviours observed
with invaluable precision. It helps build a climate of trust and objectivity between the assessed
and the assessor during the feedback interview.

The benefits of Perf Echo

Find out what you can gain from adopting a tool like Perf Echo

Secure your decision-making
Analyse the distinctive individual qualities
Foster a relationship-based approach
Identify your candidates’ and employees’ motivations

With our personality and professional motivations test

Identify people’s distinctive features, with a unique tool!

With a personalised report, generated instantly, our database rich with 2,500 pages of text makes it possible for each behaviour observed to be detailed with invaluable precision.  Rich and nuanced, the report creates an atmosphere of objectivity and trust during the feedback interview.

Data insight !

Receive a scored and graphic review that will allow you to go further in your personality analysis and during discussions/interviews.

A personality test based on the scientific model designed by the Big Five!

This tool can be used as much for recruitment purposes as for career management - The Big Five model is the benchmark in personality tests. The combination of motivational elements and professional value make Perf Echo the definitive professional personality test!

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User training in our tools is a fundamental part of our ethical and scientific approach

Integrate the PERF ECHO certification pathway, remotely or in a face-to-face session, at your company or on our premises. Experienced trainers and dedicated tutoring are provided so that you can make this psychometric tool your own and integrate it effectively into your interviewing processes.

Choose from two training methods: 9h remote blended learning and 2d face-to-face | 4d face-to-face