A personality test but not only...

Extremely rich and nuanced, the assessment describes the appraisee with the greatest accuracy -
95% of assessees find the description of their behavior "accurate". It helps to establish a climate of
trust and objectivity between the assessee and the appraiser during the feedback interview.

Benefits of the Echo Personality Test

Discover the advantages of Echo - A fresh and fair look at soft skills 🧐

Secure your decision-making
Analyse the distinctive individual qualities
Foster a relationship-based approach
Identify the soft skills of your candidates and employees

With our personality and professional motivation test

Precise and innovative measurement

Our questionnaire, which meets the most demanding international psychometric standards, is based on innovative design and validation principles derived from IRT (Item Response Theory), to provide you with extremely reliable and relevant data, and enable you to understand who your employee really is. In less than 15 minutes, you can evaluate :

  • his or her motivations and the work environments adapted to his or her needs
  • its soft skills, assets and limiting factors
  • his vision and knowledge of himself
  • its relationship to the job and projection in the company

An integrative and forward-looking competency model

Influence, Decision, Efficiency, Agility, Collaboration: the IDEAC® competency model, at the heart of Echo, focuses on the key soft skills needed to meet the current and future challenges of your organization. 

Developed by our R&D department, IDEAC® is the result of a field analysis carried out with HR professionals, complemented by a prospective approach based on recent research on 21st century skills. Scientifically validated, the IDEAC® model has been published and presented at the World Conference on Personality.

A clear, fair and proven exchange medium

Echo offers HR professionals, psychologists, managers, and also those being evaluated, a clear support that is directly useful for discussion and self-knowledge.

- Positioning of the appraisee on the 9 motivations related to job satisfaction.

- Identification of the preferred modes of the appraisee in carrying out his/her activities, and positioning on the key soft skills at work:

  • Expressing & Federating [Influence]
  • Evaluate & Choose [Decision].
  • Structuring & Managing [Efficiency]
  • Adapt & Initiate [Agility]
  • Exchange & Contribute [Collaboration].

- Description of the appraisee's preferences on the 4 components of the desired psychological contract and identification of the conditions that promote or hinder his/her commitment.

An analysis support, reserved for the accredited evaluator, provides him/her with additional data on the personality traits of the evaluated person and his/her intra-individual variability in order to apprehend all his/her behavioral nuances and to adapt his/her questioning.

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User training in our tools is a fundamental part of our ethical and scientific approach

The Echo Accreditation Course consists of 21 hours, divided into 2 sessions (2 consecutive days and 1 day), to be completed remotely or in a classroom session.

Experienced trainers and dedicated tutoring will help you master this psychometric tool and integrate it effectively into your HR practices.

A final test allows us to validate all the knowledge acquired during the training in order to deliver you the accreditation.