A fun test dedicated to the evaluation of cognitive potential

With Mindkeys, check the suitability of your candidates with the requirements of your positions,
and select the talents that will best thrive within your organization!

The benefits of Mindkeys

Discover the benefits of using a tool like Mindkeys

Evaluate the cognitive abilities that are essential for work
Check the suitability of your candidates for the positions
Reduce recruitment and mobility errors
Improve your employer brand

With Mindkeys, no more long and boring cognitive tests!

A modern, innovative tool and a 100% responsive handover

Mindkeys allows candidates to divert their attention from the assessment thanks to the fun exercises: they feel more comfortable and enjoy testing themselves!

The application is available on all devices (mobile, tablet...), in order to offer a positive experience and thus enhance your employer brand!

Exercises that adapt their level of difficulty to the level of the candidate!

Thanks to powerful algorithms, the IRT method used for Mindkeys makes it possible to adapt the level of difficulty of the exercises to the level of the candidate.

The exercises are shorter, the experience of taking them is less frustrating, and the results are even more accurate!

Simple and modern reports that facilitate the understanding and appropriation of the results

The report for exchange presents the level of general cognitive aptitude of the evaluated person and its cognitive asset, its positioning for each indicator with avenues of improvement to accompany its development, and insights on the usefulness, in practice, of the evaluated cognitive function.

The report for analysis - a one-page summary reserved for the evaluator - provides additional information on the performance of the evaluated person: score, correctness of answers, speed of execution of the tests...

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User training in our tools is a fundamental part of our ethical and scientific approach

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