How to support the mobility of high potentials

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How to support the mobility of high potentials?

The assessment of soft skills at the service of talent development

Benefits for Transgourmet

Beyond supporting high-potential employees, the PerformanSe approach enabled...

5 to 8 assessments per year
Less failures in mobility
Identification of high potentials
Talent Retention


Transgourmet is a distributor of agri-food raw materials (sugar, butter, flour, etc.). With more than 3,500 employees to manage and 16 warehouses in France, it offers its key people real opportunities for internal development. Transgourmet has been using PerformanSe’s services for many years, calling on its custom-tailored assessment solutions for high-potential employees.

PerformanSe Solution

  • Implemented a personalised and comprehensive assessment process: an introductory discussion, the actual test taken by the candidate, a summary report drawn up by the assessor, telephone debriefing with the manager, and lastly, with the candidate.
  • A range of different tools were made available: cognitive-behavioural assessments, personality and motivational assessment tests, and even a 360° approach
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Since the start of our collaboration with PerformanSe 6 years ago, there have been no failures among the employees promoted through our assessment process.All successful candidates were retained and able to assume the positions concerned

Nathalie Mielecki, Head of Recruitment and Diversity