How to select candidates who have the key soft skills needed to thrive at your company?

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RTE - How to select candidates who have the key soft skills to thrive within your company?

The assessment of key soft skills for more effective recruitment!

Benefits for RTE

In addition to improving the recruitment process via an assessment of soft skills, the PerformanSe approach will have enabled...

Identification of soft skills
Better knowledge of employees
Optimised recruitment process
Employee Engagement


The company Réseau de transport d’électricité (RTE) was looking to optimise its recruitment process by assessing not only the skills, but also the soft skills of its employees. Within the company, skills identification and assessment begin as soon as new employees are recruited. This approach continues at each stage of the career path until the employee retires. Being in constant contact with talent pools makes it possible to adapt the objectives and constraints of all parties involved (company, employee, manager, etc.). To complement the approach already in place, the company asked PerformanSe for HR tools enabling its employees to carry out 360° surveys and get to know each other better.

The PerformanSe Solution

  • The Perf Echo solution, which enables individuals to self-assess their behavioural preferences, is open to all employees wishing to know more about themselves, whether or not they are interested in professional development.
  • The debriefing takes place in three stages: an exchange between the career advisor and the employee, a time for ownership by the employee, then a three-way meeting between the employee, the manager and the career advisor.
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To have the right person, in the right place, at the right time, you have to know your company’s talents, their potential and their deeper aspirations, at any point in time. At RTE, we start to identify and assess skills as soon as new employees are recruited

Philippe Petitclerc, Head of the Mobility Division of the French Electricity Transmission Network (RTE), and trained in coaching