How to detect the best talents?

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Recruitment - How to identify the best talents?

Assessment of soft skills for recruitment

Benefits for Mobalpa

Beyond making the recruitment process more reliable, the PerformanSe approach enabled...

Identification Of Soft Skills
Less importance given to CVs and diplomas
An improved employer brand
Identification of new profiles


Mobalpa, a specialist in home improvement and remodelling, has 240 stores and more than 800 sales designers in France, working in direct contact with customers every day. The sales designer position is an unusual blend of sales and customer relations, which requires real listening and perseverance qualities that are difficult to capture during a recruitment interview, especially by managers for whom recruitment is not the primary function. Mobalpa thus called on PerformanSe to help improve the reliability of its recruitment process and assess the soft skills essential to success in this business.

The PerformanSe Solution

  • Created a reference base of key behavioural skills by first bringing together and facilitating an expert committee (salespeople, managers, management, support functions) which explored the necessary skills and agreed to prioritise them.
  • Created a questionnaire to assess the key skills identified upstream.
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The tool developed by PerformanSe has enabled us to placeless importance on diploma and CV.Β 

Laure Bayet, HR Development Manager