How to detect employees’ development potential?

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How to detect the development potential of its employees?

Soft skills at the service of potential detection

Benefits for the Ministry Of Culture

Beyond supporting employees in their professional development, the PerformanSe approach will have enabled...

Potential effectively detected
Better knowledge of employees
Internal mobility better managed
Tailor-made talent management


At the Ministry of Culture, the Mobility Department is dedicated to providing civil servants with the support they need throughout their careers. For this purpose, in early 2014, the Division asked PerformanSe to help it get to know its civil servants better, but also to help employees find out more about themselves, so as to involve them in their personal development.

The PerformanSe Solution

PERF ECHO deployed in a voluntary approach, at the request of civil servants, to take stock of their function, role or responsibility, and boost their career at the Ministry.

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In recruitment as well as in development contexts, PERF ECHO is the tool that fosters the human experience. PERF ECHO has become central to our practice, we could hardly do without it!

Eloise MARQUEFAVE, Employment and Skills Manager, Disability Recruitment Manager.