How to boost an organisation’s managerial culture?

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How to boost your managerial culture?

The assessment of soft skills at the service of managerial culture

Benefits for Epicura

Beyond providing support for the individual assessment of all managers in the group, the PerformanSe approach enabled...

Talent development
Training needs identified
Employer branding
Talent retention


Formed from the 2012 merger of several entities with very different secular and denominational cultures, Epicura - a hospital complex in Hainaut - is a complex organisation that faces numerous challenges.  In a spirit of positive talent development, the Chief Executive Officer called on PerformanSe for support as it proceeded with the individual assessment of all Group managers.

The PerformanSe Solution

  • Manage-R, to give Group managers the chance to benefit from an individual assessment
  • Implemented a comprehensive and specific approach aimed at measuring the progress of the selected employees
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PerformanSe offered us a straightforward but comprehensive and very effective tool and approach based on the joint assessment of individual management skills. 

François Burhin, Managing Director