How to develop the employees’ managerial capabilities?

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How to develop the managerial capacities of its employees?

The assessment of soft skills at the service of managerial skills

Benefits for ENSP

Beyond optimizing talent management, the PerformanSe approach will have enable...

Better knowledge and progression for future commissioners
Better guidance for candidates
Measurement of training needs
Individualized support


The Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Police provides initial and continuing training for police officers and commissioners. Each of these future police officers and commissioners will be required to manage and interact with men and teams. In order to prepare the 50 future commissioners graduating each year to take on their upcoming managerial responsibilities, the ENSP called on PerformanSe to operate, at the end of the two years of training, a tool enabling its future recruits to get to better know themselves, and thus to improve their progress.

The PerformanSe Solution

  • Implemented Manage-R and TwoB-R tools, which cross-reference cognitive and behavioural assessment data
  • Implemented a tailored approach followed by individual face-to-face debriefings by trained staff.
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Everyone will have to manage people at some point, so delegating, negotiating, learning to supervise, but also to listen and to optimally interact with people and teams. This is why we needed tools, to help everyone see where they were when it comes to this delicate function, to know themselves better and to make progress. Because management is also about being exemplary.

Laurent Guilmet, Division Commissioner in charge of initial training for police commissioners at the ENSP