How to recruit with confidence based on soft skills?

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How to recruit with confidence based on Soft Skills?

Soft skills assessment for specific recruitment

Benefits for Crédit Agricole

In addition to improving the recruitment process, the PerformanSe approach will have enabled...

500 candidates assessed per year
Soft Skills identified
Professionalisation of the recruitment process
Optimisation of the candidate experience


Crédit Agricole Touraine Poitou meets nearly 500 candidates per year as part of its recruitment processes. The organisation thus called upon PerformanSe to provide a solution that would help them professionalise their recruitment process, but also to have a precise view of the candidate by assessing the key Soft Skills specific to the banking sector – in particular, rigour and creativity.

PerformanSe Solution

Used the Perf Echo tool, which enables them both to better identify the candidate - operating modes, motivations - but also to objectify each other’s perceptions based on a neutral and reliable perspective

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PERF ECHO helps us accurately assess soft skills that are difficult to approach without tools. In particular, the candidate's level of rigour comes to mind, but also creativity. Both skills that are very important to us but are not easy to truly understand in interviews! 

Marie Jacquelin, Sourcing and Communication Recruitment Manager