How to support employees in a context of reorganisation?

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How to support employees in a context of reorganization?

Soft skills assessment for professional mobility

Benefits for ADP

Beyond supporting employees, PerformanSe approach enabled...

130 employees re-directed
100% of employees impacted found a position in the Company
Optimization of internal mobility
Improvement of employer brand


ADP Group is the No. 1 global airport player and must regularly rethink its organisation in order to provide its customers with services on par with the excellence for which France is known. It was in this spirit that the Group chose to upgrade all its passenger-facing services, delivered up to that point by the sales agents posted at counters in its various terminals, in Roissy and Orly. To support employees in this context of reorganisation and enable them to control their professional development, ADP Group called on PerformanSe.

PerformanSe Solution

  • Implemented a tailored approach with a pathway of 7 individual interviews, carried out by a PerformanSe consultant
  • Group workshops organised on 5 themes and profession-specific round tables
  • Created a Mobility Committee to monitor the progress of repositionings
  • Implemented a specific mechanism to help employees take up their new positions
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Thanks to this pathway that we offered them, they were able to position themselves on other positions and truly be active players in shaping their professional pathway

Charles-Armand Notter, ADP HR Development Director