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11 April 2023

The psychological contract, a key factor in talent retention

PerformanSe|5 min read

The remote work imposed during the pandemic, and the crisis itself, probably changed the way people ...

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28 March 2023

Recruitment: where does the key lie?

PerformanSe|6 min read

When we think of recruitment, we immediately think of interviews: interviews with or without a CV, o...

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13 March 2023

[Infographic] 7 keys to successful recruiting!

PerformanSe|3 min read

Did you know that 13% of contracts are broken before the end of the trial period and 36% of permanen...

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23 February 2023

When technology is used for recruitment...

PerformanSe|5 min read

Technology is not to be outdone in meeting the key challenges of successful recruitment. In 20 years...

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7 February 2023

Remote management for what performance?

PerformanSe|4 min read

The development of hybrid management models is tending to make the function evolve towards increasin...

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20 January 2023

How to develop creativity at work?

PerformanSe|5 min read

At PerformanSe, if there is one theme that fascinates us, it is that of soft skills, emotional and b...

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14 December 2022

4 tips to successfully interview after a soft skills assessment

PerformanSe|5 min read

While we all go through them multiple times in our lives, job interviews are often an uncomfortable ...

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17 September 2021

New PerformanSe interface: Open your eyes!

PerformanSe|3 min read

Everyone on the team at PerformanSe is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the new PerformanSe ...

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20 April 2020

Managing Virtual Teams Effectively

PerformanSe|2 min read

Some managers might have never managed a team virtually before, and without their regular routines ...

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