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Psychometric tests to measure soft skills

specialist in soft skills and assessment sciences, the expertise of PerformanSe has been developed over 30 years of experience and understanding of the individual at work. Any organisation needs a clear vision of its teams’ contributions to positively project its employees into the future. To take up this major challenge, we design and distribute psychometric tests (personality tests, cognitive tests, etc.) dedicated to assessing and developing talent.

Behavioural and cognitive assessments, 360° assessments, collective efficiency, mapping, etc.: 100% web-based, our solutions provide you with a unique understanding of your employees & candidates, their attitudes, motivations and beliefs.

Key to individual and collective performance, this understanding enables you to recruit according to the right criteria, to engage and retain your talents, and to sustainably align each of them with their responsibilities and objectives. It also helps you discerningly prepare them for future transformations through a clear and positive relationship. To etch out, with them, a truly desirable future.

Our pillars

At PerformanSe, “Trust in people” is a value reflected in the practice of our tools. The objective assessment of the person, at the centre of our approach, necessarily combines with the human aspect of these evaluation processes, which contribute to an ethic of action and an ecology of the mind.

Psychometric expertise and scientific validity

Using reference scientific models, compliance with international standards, validation carried out by university laboratories recognised in psychometry and labelled R&D projects.

The relationship-based approach

Respect and consideration for the environment in which the employee/candidate operates, fostering sharing, interaction, transparency, confidentiality and decision-making.

Technological environment

100% web, responsive and high-speed data processing, storage and data protection on audited and secure servers in France.

A multi-context and multilingual offer

All our tools are available in 23 languages and can be translated on demand. Our teams adapt to all your needs and contexts. Adaptability is part of our employees’ DNA.

The Management Team

Meet the PerformanSe Management Committee, which convenes every week to discuss the strategies best-suited to  respond to your needs!

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Alexandra Didry

Head of R&D

Francis Rantière

Head of IT

Gregory Lorgeray

Head of Administration

Samuel Héron

Head of Consulting

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