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360 by PerformanSe is the culmination of 20 years of expertise in 360° feedback processes
which has enabled us to design an operational tool adapted to the new needs of the market.
Based on a multi-observer questionnaire, filled out by both a company player and the same player’s 360° environment,
the tool makes it possible to compare the various perspectives on an employee’s skills and, with that individual,
to identify strengths, watchpoints and serves as a foundation for joint reflection in building a development plan.

The benefits of 360 by PerformanSe

Find out what you can gain from adopting a tool like 360 by PerformanSe

Involve experts and managers in their own development
Gain a greater understanding of managerial culture and practices
Align skills with the company’s key challenges
Optimise your company’s feedback culture

A 360° programme that helps develop talents

Results delivered in a clear, succinct report!

It brings out all the key areas:

  • The most important skills for the position held, according to observers
  • A comparison between different perspectives on each skill
  • The highest and lowest scores
  • Free-form comments

The report is delivered with a reader’s guide and a development guide, to help the observed employee better take ownership of the results.

A collective approach & a custom-designed tool

Customised 360°: The questionnaire explores between 8 and 14 skills (depending on the employee's profile), which can also be customised and adjusted to the company’s culture and managerial issues at stake

A collective approach: 360 by PerformanSe offers you the ability to produce group profiles on the way to optimising your group training actions.

A unique experience with shared benefits

For the employee:

  • Heightened awareness of individual skills, potential and watchpoints
  • Expectations from the professional environment are clearly identified
  • Involvement in personal development

For the HR professional:

  • Administrative processes made less time-consuming thanks to a reliable, high-performance platform
  • A better understanding of management practices
  • Tailored training plans

For the company:

  • Internal resource optimisation
  • Skills that are aligned with the company’s key issues
  • A culture of communication and feedback in place

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User training in our tools is a fundamental part of our ethical and scientific approach

Integrate the 360° certification pathway by Perf, remotely or in a face-to-face session, at your company or on our premises. Experienced trainers and dedicated tutoring are provided so that you can make this HR tool your own and integrate it effectively into your interviewing processes.

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